Products for Disinfection

Decontamination Agent

DS uses a decontaminating chemical product which is particularly suitable for airborne treatment of surfaces in indoor areas and surfaces exposed to a micronisation treatment.

The chemical agent is used only in combination with the DS device for microbiological decontamination of clean and dry areas and surfaces.


5 liters tank


Hydrogen peroxide: 7,9%
Stabiliser, corrosion inhibitor, surfactants: 100%

  • odourless
  • allows treated areas to be used again quickly
  • it is not necessary to remove it from treated surfaces
  • eliminates microbial-generated odours
  • degradation into totally harmless elements (oxygen)
  • treatment of all surfaces included those that are hard to reach


UNI EN 1650 fungicidal activity
UNI EN 1276 bactericidal activity
NF-T 72281 bactericidal and sporicidal activity
UNI EN 14348 mycobactericidal and tuberculocidal activity
UNI EN 13704 sporicidal activity
UNI EN 1276 efficiency on foodborne strains
UNI EN 1276efficiency on multi-resistant bacterial strains (mrsa, a. baumanii, e. faecium, e. coli)