Work in Progress Bio-Medical has developed a Smart System that ensures a complete deodorisation of areas and vehicles using an atomising device that nebulises ozone.

Its interaction with the unique area identification, the automatic calibration of the quantity of product to be dispensed and the operating time of the device allows the correct completion of the activities.

The transmission on the MICRODEFENDER Platform of all the information gathered allows the activity carried out to be fully traceable. The Management Platform also includes the chronological list of recorded operations including the information related to the product and the device used. The final Report is the summary of the proof of deodorisation.

It is a smart electronic device use for the micronisation of ozone in indoor areas.

The distributed ozone allows an odours in an indoor area to be evenly treated, without creating any sediments or generating humidity.

The DSO3 operation is enabled after the area to be treated has been identified.

The processing of the information gathered activates the operating cycle of the DSO3 device, and the LED lights placed on the front inform the operator that the operations have been completed properly.

Upon completion of the operating activity, the information gathered is transferred to the MICRODEFENDER network for the processing of a proof of treatment report, which includes the traceability and audit of the correct completion of the deodorisation activities.

DSO3 uses ozone, an element which is particularly suitable for airborne deodorisation treatment of indoor areas exposed to a micronisation treatment.


This agent is used only in combination with the DS device for microbiological decontamination of clean and dry spaces and surfaces.


Ozone is a colourless gas (highly concentrated and almost light blue-coloured) and has a pungent odour. The symbol of ozone is O3 as it is composed by three atoms of oxygen. It is an instable gas that cannot be stored and must be produced when used. Thanks to this property, ozone is able to break the cellular membranes of bacterial cells, pathogen agents, fungi, etc.

  • odourless
  • allows treated areas to be used again quickly
  • it is not necessary to remove it from treated surfaces
  • eliminates microbial-generated odours
  • degradation into totally harmless elements (oxygen)
  • treatment of all surfaces included those that are hard to reach